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About Me


Magdalena is a mixed-media abstract artist with a Masters Degree in Art and a Diploma in Textiles. She has a strong affinity to nature and loves to explore new ideas and places. Her work is thoughtful and often self-reflective. 

Born in 1974, Magdalena studied art for 10 years in the university town of Lublin in Poland, supporting herself and her university fees by working full time at a local art studio and studying in the evenings and weekends. After moving to Cambridge, England nearly twenty years ago, she found various venues in which to display her work and received her first offer of permanent gallery representation in 2008. A year later Magdalena moved to a town near Zurich, Switzerland, where she continued painting whilst raising her young children. In 2015 Magdalena and her family followed their dream of living in Spain and after spending a few years under the Madrid sun, now lives in the picturesque, milder region of Asturias in the far north of the country, where she supports her family with her continuing artistic explorations.

Artist's statement

"My art represents an ongoing journey of exploration and discovery, both geographically and personally, and how this journey reveals and creates layers of ourselves as it continues. I have lived in numerous countries and each has left its mark on who I am, challenging me to understand more deeply my own nature, the nature of the local culture and the nature of the art I want to create. 


The sense of anticipation, excitement and promise that fuels the drive to explore has a contrasting side and as we explore the facets of our experience we are both cracked and polished by the cultures with which we interact. Our travels weather and shape us, changing us irrevocably as we search for answers and challenging us to discover who we really are. Over time it all becomes a part of us, our perspectives evolving and we become more than we were.


As a mixed media artist I'm fascinated by the interactions between textures and materials and I love to experiment with various media and techniques. Abstraction is fundamental to my work and is a visual tool that I employ to varying degrees to enable me to communicate or emphasize perceptual patterns and the idealogical constructs that form the foundations of my life and art."

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