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About Me

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Magdalena is an internationally represented abstract painter with nearly 30 years of professional experience in the art world. She has a Masters Degree in Art and a Diploma in Textiles. 


Born in 1974, Magdalena studied art for 10 years in the university town of Lublin in Poland, supporting herself and her university fees by working full time at a local art studio and studying in the evenings and weekends. After moving to Cambridge, England in 2005 she found various venues in which to display her work and received her first offer for permanent gallery representation in 2008. In 2009 Magdalena moved to Switzerland, where she continued painting whilst raising her young children. Six years later, Magdalena and her family followed their dream of living in Spain and now live in the picturesque, rural region of Asturias where she supports her family with her continuing artistic explorations.


Magdalena has a strong affinity to nature and loves to explore new ideas and places. This can be clearly seen in her use of abstraction which, like her, is bold, vibrant and direct with a gentle sense of wistfulness woven in. 

There is a deeply rewarding delight in taking control of my own life, continually learning how to make a living from doing what I love and from taking educated risks in order to achieve my dreams and to support the dreams of my family. There remains a a part of me, however, that will always yearn for the security and apparent simplicity of my early days in Poland- Magdalena Morey

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