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Magdalena is an internationally represented, multidisciplinary mixed-media abstract artist. She has a Masters Degree in Art and a Diploma in Textiles. 

Born in 1974, Magdalena studied art for 10 years in the university town of Lublin in Poland, supporting herself and her university fees by working full time at a local art studio and studying in the evenings and weekends. After moving to Cambridge, England in 2005 she found various venues in which to display her work and received her first offer for permanent gallery representation in 2008. In 2009 Magdalena moved to a town near Zurich, Switzerland, where she continued painting whilst raising her young children. Six years later, Magdalena and her family followed their dream of living in Spain and after spending a few years under the fierce Madrid sun, now lives in the picturesque, milder region of Asturias in the far north of the country, where she supports her family with her continuing artistic explorations.

Magdalena has a strong affinity to nature and loves to explore new ideas and places. Her work is thoughtful and self-reflective, and wherever possible she uses sustainable and recycled materials, bringing new life, meaning and beauty to items that she's found locally.   

Artist's statement

"As much as I enjoy working with more traditional mediums and subjects, I'm progressively seeking to create more multi-dimensional art that helps me to connect and better represent my growing ecological awareness and the beauty of our natural world, where each artwork is a testament to the unity between artistry and environmental stewardship. My creative journey increasingly revolves around a profound connection with nature and a deep respect for our environment where art and nature entwine in a celebration of life's beauty and interconnectedness. 

I enjoy looking at the different layers of life and the various threads that weave our stories together. My work, whether it is  textile-based, figurative, abstract or landscape, represents an inner journey, one where we visit and revisit ideas, places and sensations whilst we learn about ourselves and discover deeper connections to the life around us. 

I have lived in numerous countries and each has left its mark on who I am and how and what I paint. My travels and the cultures in which I've lived have all had an impact, weathering and shaping me and my beliefs and challenging me to discover more about who I really am. 

This evolution of self forms the core of my art process. The explorer in me is deeply drawn to challenging myself and I am continually looking to evolve my artistic use of texture and colour as they are my way of grounding myself and connecting with the wider world.

I aspire to stimulate more than just the visual senses. Through carefully chosen materials, such as soft, rustling raffia that entices one to touch it, or wire-wound stones that clatter together, my artworks invite a multisensory experience. The intention is to forge a deep connection between the viewer and the artwork, evoking emotions and memories tied to nature, home, and our shared human experience."

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News and Events

In The Moment 2 painting

Moclín Arte Festival

Moclín, Granada, Spain


Uninterrupted Thoughts painting

Art Critique

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