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Entre Tierra y Mar

Entre Tierra y Mar (Between Land and Sea) 

Solo exhibition at Galería Félix, Gijón, Spain (June 3 - July 12)

(Official exhibition statement)

“In this exhibition, I want to invite viewers into my world of contemplation and connection as I search for that elusive balance between inner stillness and the stimulating diversity of the various ecosystems around us.“


Magdalena uses colour, texture and form all woven into a visual dance of introspection to communicate her journey of self-discovery and awareness. Moments of tranquility ripple through her works, uniting them into a single experience as she delicately explores life's interconnectedness.


“I fell in love with Asturias from the moment I first saw it. There was something very familiar about the green, unspoiled landscape and its huge potential for exploration! There are so many microcosms of life, textures and colours and new connections to translate into my own artistic language. My paintings express my love for exploring colour and texture and in this exhibition I'm also coming back to my artistic roots using fibre and natural materials to tell my story and provide a sense of connection to the environment around me.”


In this exhibition we walk through paths taken inland and on the shore, accompanied by elements of driftwood. Driftwood is her treasure, her fellow traveller who is both native of land and sea and which is adorned with the playful, colourful marks of childhood memories.


By combining a range of diverse materials, media and techniques, Magdalena urges us to contemplate the harmony between geometry and organic form, stillness and continual change. Each artwork is a portal to individual moments of reflection, bound together into a visual experience reminding us of our connection to the natural world.

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