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Size, including hanging bar: 88x120x10cm / approx. 35" x 48" x 4"


"Naturally Connected" whispers of the sound of rustling grass, evoking images of tranquil summer meadows and the timeless rhythms of the earth. The delicate, weathered linen, once a functional part of daily life in homes across central Europe, has now found new life as a work of art.


Years ago I inherited a bundle of unused linen, hand-woven by skilled women approximately 100 years ago in Bavaria. This linen was once employed in the daily rituals of home life, adorning cushions, draping as tablecloths, and bringing warmth to households. I knew that I wanted to create something unique with it and held onto it, waiting for the right moment. By incorporating it as the base for this piece, I wanted to highlight the journey of recycling and renewal, tying it's story together with the profound connections to the cycles of nature.


The shimmering touch of gold leaf symbolizes both purity and a deep reverence for the old fabric and the meticulous process by which it was created. 


“Naturally Connected” is a celebration of the both present and past, a tribute to nature's perpetual renewal, and a reminder of the intricate stories that every thread can tell. 


The artwork will be shipped ready to hang, carefully rolled in a tube. 

Naturally Connected

€3,000.00 Regular Price
€2,100.00Sale Price
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