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I am a mixed media abstract expressionist artist. With my husband and children, I have lived all over Europe before finally settling in beautiful Asturias in the far north of Spain. My art looks at what it means to travel and how it reveals and creates layers of ourselves as the journey continues.


The sense of anticipation, excitement and promise that fuels the drive to explore has a contrasting side and as we explore the facets of our experience we are both cracked and polished by the cultures with which we interact. Threads of separation and loneliness are woven into the fabric of daily life but connections to friends and family are kept alive by technologies not available to the generations before us. Our travels weather and shape us; they change us irrevocably as we search for answers and challenge us to discover who we really are. Over time it all becomes a part of us, our perspectives evolving and we become more than we were.

I invite you to explore my website and to hopefully experience some part of the journeys that I have taken and those which I continue take every day whilst I'm painting. 

If you have any questions about my paintings or would like to know more about me or my process, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

"It has arrived and it is simply beautiful. It is quite a risk to buy work like this without having seen it hanging, but when we first saw it online we knew that it was what we have been looking for for quite some time. To be able to spend time with your work is an absolute joy." - Dom and Paula, England

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I have active Facebook and Instagram pages that I try to update on a daily basis which chronicle the work I've been doing recently, the projects I'm working on and which hopefully give a glimpse into the life of a full time artist. Click on the links above or below and hit follow!