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Fukuoka, Japan

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Inner Worlds

Personal Virtual Exhibition


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I'm very excited that after many years of of experimenting with my figurative pieces that I am now able to show a body of work that exhibits my passion for representing the human form.

The exhibition includes a selection of pieces from the past 12 months, the majority of which have been developed as small series of related works:

The "Continuity" series explores the idea that although every experience leaves its mark, we remain connected to everything else, regardless of how we perceive our current reality.

The original "Feeling Your Presence" was sold in 2019 and looked at the holes left in our awareness when a loved one is not with us. The physical details are not so important, what we miss is their energy, personality and spirit. After months of missing family and friends due to the pandemic, the concept kept coming back to me and I decided to develop it into a complete series. 

I have also included a couple of individual pieces that were based on similar concepts. "A New Thread 2" (spring 2020) and "Presence of Mind" (2021) both look at the threads that connect us and make up the fabric of our daily lives. 

All the artwork that you see there is either available directly from me or at one of the galleries that I work with. Click on the "Media" button accompanying each painting to be directed to the relevant site.

I hope you enjoy this new format of art exhibition. Please do let me know what you think!