70 x 70cm

Mixed media using acrylics, watercolours, pastels and gold leaf


This is the continuation of my series of paintings interpreting a photo that I took years ago whilst visiting family on the West Dorset coast in England. As the clouds rolled in and the sky threatened rain, the sun still glowed from behind with the promise of it's return later in the day. 


This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic and watercolour paints and pastels with gold leaf on a 3.5cm deep, gallery wrapped canvas. It is protected from dust and UV light by a thin layer of varnish. The sides are painted black, giving this artwork a highly contemporary finish. Framing is not required. The artwork is signed on the front and provided with a certificate of authenticity.


70 x 70cm
Técnica mixta con acrílicos, acuarelas, pasteles y pan de oro


Esta es la continuación de mi serie de pinturas interpretando una foto que tomé años atrás mientras visitaba a la familia en la costa oeste de Dorset en Inglaterra. A medida que las nubes rodaban y el cielo amenazaba con la lluvia, el sol todavía brillaba por detrás con la promesa de que volvería más tarde en el día.


Within Reach 3