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"Evolving Memories" is an emotionally charged mixed media installation artwork exploring the connection between our past and present selves and how these connections can be used to create new possibilities. The incorporation of woven elements into a contemporary abstract painted canvas represents the evolution of ideas as the artist confronts her early passions and skills in the context of modern day living.


Soft and comforting, the woven patches are combined with strips of gold leaf-covered canvas that have been repurposed from earlier prototype paintings. The abstract painted canvas onto which the weaving has been attached also contains sewn patterns, providing continuity between the two elements that extends beyond just the palette. 


The artwork is hung from a bamboo and is suspended by transparent fishing line below a varnished driftwood branch, enhancing the sense of depth, movement and journey permeating the piece and providing a very real sense of organic connection to the world around us. 


The artwork will be shipped rolled in a tube, ready to hang. 


The artwork is signed on the back.


Total size when hung: 108 x 129 x 10cm

Evolving Memories

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