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Day 1. When Things Are Difficult...

...There isn't really anything right or wrong. I'm moving on.

I've decided to stop questioning whether the direction I'm going in now is right or wrong. I'm dedicating myself to what's been brewing inside me for years.

Making decisions is hard. Which direction is my art going? What am I drawn to? For many years I've been mainly dedicated to exploring landscape representation. I've always been experimental with different mediums as a means to evoking emotion and as a way of satisfying my appetite for beautiful landscapes. Since we moved to Asturias though, I'm finding that that craving is satisfied and I'm starting to feel that I need to find a deeper connection between my art and the viewer. I want to find a real connection with the place I'm living in, not just as a beautiful space but to represent better the confrontation with the daily realities; loneliness, missing family and my own culture and the constant linguistic challenges are all a part of the life that I have willingly chosen but after hiding myself for some time among the beauty of the nature around me, I'm seeing more and more connections between us and how we interact with the world. I can't help myself but to want to start to highlight these confrontations and to start to talk about it.

My newest series "The Beauty Within Self-Doubt" is just the beginning of something that I want to explore on many different levels. It's about finding a connection with myself and I see it as a more three dimensional work, almost like base for work to come, that will use new mediums that represent both the good and the bad of the world around me and force me to challenge myself and evolve.

I'm hoping that this blog will become a journal of my journey of my joys and struggles of being a professional artist and giving an insight into my life and artistic process and where my motivations and inspiration comes from.

My view in Asturias
My view in Asturias

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