Figurative Paintings


My figurative work focuses on the representation of the feminine form. These paintings are not intended to be self-portraits; they are an expression of my own internal states of being. The development of each artwork is somewhat akin to participating in a film where I am both the subject and the director. The figure grows, moves and develops continually until I reach a point where I feel the composition has captured something fundamental about my perceived reality.

Sometimes the end result may be highly dynamic and playful, concentrating on the representation of motion. Or it can be more static and thoughtful, with an added focus on the use of colour and texture. I tend to stick to the abstract form for the majority of each painting but often include one or two more realistic areas, such as a breast or the navel.

If a particular piece is marked as "Out of stock", please check the description as they are regularly included in exhibitions and competitions and may become available again. Please feel free to contact me for more information about any these paintings. 

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