Current Permanent Exhibitions and Representation:

  • The Darryl Nantais Gallery, Linton, Cambridgeshire, England.

  • Signet Contemporary Art, Chelsea, London, England

  • Corte Real Gallery, Paderne, Algarve, Portugal

  • Wychwood Gallery, Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

  • ArtBnB, Cambridge, England

  • Gallery 44, Bragg Creek, Canada

  • Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Claremont Contemporary Art, Sevenoaks, England

  • Art5 Gallery, Brighton, England

  • Galerie Philia, Geneva, Switzerland

Art Fairs:

I am regularly represented at numerous international art fairs by both Signet Contemporary Art and The Darryl Nantais Gallery. Over the past few years, these have regularly included:

  • Affordable Art Fairs Hong Kong, Hampstead, Battersea, New York and Singapore,

  • Fresh Contemporary Art Fairs Cheltenham and Ascot 

  • Cambridge and Edinburgh Art Fairs

As well as a few one off appearances at:

  • World Art Dubai (2018), Dubai, UAE

  • LA Art Show (2018), Los Angeles, USA

  • Malaga International Art Fair, Spain

  • Chester Art Fair, UK

Other exhibitions and experience:

  • Art consultancy representation: Four Dots Art Consultancy, Dubai, UAE

  • Gallery & Barrow, Bath, England (2018)

  • Abstract Landscapes Workshop (2018 ). West Dorset, England. Self organised art workshop.

  • Darryl Nantais Gallery (2018), near Cambridge, England. Solo exhibition.

  • Back to the Picture Gallery (2018), San Francisco, USA. Represented by TryItArt. “Taste of the World” mixed exhibition.

  • Creating Powerful Art using Strong Mixed Media Design & Colour (2018), hosted by Galleria Aurea, Rome, Italy. Teaching workshop.

  • Galería Juca Claret (2018), Madrid, Spain.Joint exhibition.

  • Galleria Aurea, Rome, Italy (2017-2018)

  • Feel & Flow Galeria (2017 - 2018), Madrid, Spain. Mixed Exhibitions

  • The Lane Gallery (2017, 2018), Truro, England. Mixed exhibition

  • Nasty Women Exhibition Alkmaar (2017), Stadskantine Alkmaar,Netherlands. Mixed exhibition.

  • Galeria Scalia (2014), Baden, Switzerland. Solo exhibition.

  • Fisher Hall Art's & Crafts Fair (2005), Cambridge, England. Mixed exhibition.

  • The Michaelhouse Center (2005), Cambridge, England. Solo exhibition.

  • Bruno's Brasserie (2005), Cambridge, England. Mixed exhibition.

  • Manual Painting Studios (1995-2005), Lublin, Poland. Painting art for the interior decorating industry.

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