Stepping away from the direct representation of the landscape around me, I enjoy looking at the different layers of life and the various threads that weave our stories together. My work represents an inner journey, one where we visit and revisit ideas and sensations whilst we learn about ourselves as we discover deeper connections to the life around us. 


I have lived in numerous countries and each has left its mark on who I am. The sense of anticipation and excitement that fuels the drive to explore has a contrasting side where we are cracked and polished by the cultures with which we interact. Pangs of separation are a part of daily life yet connections to friends and family are kept alive in ways unavailable to the generations before us. Our travels weather and shape us; they change us as we search for answers and challenge us to discover more about who we really are. 


The explorer in me is deeply drawn to the hidden tracks and paths of rural landscapes and to the beautiful, fluid patterns of water and its mysterious depths. I look to the sky in search of hope and optimism and how it leaves our imagination to explore the possibilities of what lies beyond the horizon. 


I am continually looking for a simplification of form and colour. As I discover new approaches to consciously detach my thoughts from the superficial, new methods of abstraction present themselves and I develop my own techniques to combine media to represent what stirs me emotionally. 

My figurative work focuses on the representation of the feminine form. They are not intended to be self portraits, more of an expression of my own internal states of being. The development of each piece is somewhat akin to participating in a film where I am both the subject and the director; the figures grow, move and develop continually until I reach a point where I feel the composition has captured something fundamental about my perceived reality. Sometimes the end results may be highly dynamic and playful, concentrating more on the representation of motion. Sometimes they are far more static and thoughtful with more focus on the use of colour and texture. I tend to stick to the abstract form for the majority of each painting but include one or two areas, such as a breast or the navel, that become more life-like.

Madzia_gold leaf-1000.jpg